• August 17th 2018

    Who's Afraid of Hanoch Levin?

    With: Tiki Dayan, Oded Kotler, Lillian Barto, Israel Gurion, Rami Baruch, Ezra Dagan and others
    Singer: Keren Hadar
    Moderator: Roni Kuban
    Musical Director: Yossi Ben Nun

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  • August 29th 2018
    Ir Yamim Netanya

    Banai Family Songs

    With Idan Amadi, Boaz Banai
    Keren Hadar, Shay Hamber and the tremolo ensemble
    Moderator: Nathan Datner

Past Concerts

  • July 28th 2018
    Enav Culture Center

    Aya Korem - 2023 - The Show

  • July 24th 2018
    Kiryat Motzkin's park

    Singing Love

  • July 17th 2018
    Beer Sheva Performing Arts Center

    Singing Arik Einstein

    The Israeli Sinfonietta Beer-Sheva
    conductor: Gil Shohat
    singers Keren Hadar and Yaniv D'Or

  • July 16th 2018
    Kan Gimel

    Gimelive with Effi Netzer

  • July 13th 2018
    Tiberias - The Scots Hotel

    David Zebba & Keren Hadar

  • July 7th 2018
    Herzliya - Park

    A classic Saturday in the park

    Gil Shohat - piano and conducting
    Keren Hadar
    Limor Shapira
    Nati Cohen - drums
    The Ashdod Symphony Orchestra

  • July 1st 2018

    Ensemble Tremolo with Keren Hadar - from Piazzolla to the Banai family

  • June 29th 2018
    Herzliya Performing Arts Center

    Gil Shohat & Keren Hadar

  • June 28th 2018
    Tiberias - The Scots Hotel

    David Zebba & Keren Hadar

  • June 17th 2018
    Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv

    Life According to Lenny – The IPO for Kids

    Roni Porat, conductor and presenter
    Keren Hadar, singer
    Emmanuel Hannoun, actor
    The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra