In The High Windows

In The High Windows

A musical quest after Israeli classics

Moshe Zorman: piano, accordion, trombone
Asaf Roth: marimba, percussion instruments, accordion, trumpet
Keren Hadar: voice

All tunes: Shmulik Kraus
Texts: The poet Rachel, Haim Hefer, Amos Kenan, Miriam Yalan-Shteklis, Yoram Taharlev, Hanoch Levin, Daphna Ever-Hadani , Arik Einstein and Shmulik Kraus.

In 2007 Israeli composer Moshe Zorman wrote 6 musical paraphrases on melodies by singer-song writer Shmulik Kraus for piano solo.

In 2010 it became an intense ensemble project in collaboration with singer Keren Hadar and percussionist Asaf Roth.

Pop tunes turned into 14 daring compositions, weaving together pop with classics, a-tonality with jazz, western modern music with eastern oriental singing, harsh satire with cool Latin Bossa Nova, Bartok fugues with Cole Porter ballades, classical virtuosity with jazz spontaneity, operatic agility with Rock and Roll intensity.

A recording of the live performance at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art - November 2011
Recorded by Rafi Eshel & Yaron Aldema
Cover photo by Eyal Landesman

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