• concert with the Israel Camerata Jerusalem
    Noam Ben Ze'ev

    Hadar's voice is superb and her appearance on stage is charismatic. She is one of the gifts every composer dreams of when writing for voice and orchestra."

  • In high Windows in The Israeli Music Festival 2012
    Amos Oren

    Keren Hadar, Asaf Roth and Moshe Zorman provided the quality & elation moments in the tribute. Their performance is joyful, mischievous and departing from the original interpretation ... a virtuoso vocal performance of Hadar.."

  • The Israeli Music Festival 2012
    Asaf Nevo

    She begins with a kind of Yemenite\Israeli Mahawal that belts her strong and clear voice and sounds very nice. The entire performance extraordinary and charming, for such performances the festival was founded ... when rhythm and groove enter Hadar opens fire. She gives a powerful vocal performance, rich and varied, a little too dramatic, but winning. She roars without endangering the public well-being and her roars sweeping."

  • Carmen
    Yossi Schiffman
    Habama & 2nd Channel, Israeli Radio

    What we will probably remember from the production of Carmen in Haifa is the birth of a new Carmen – Keren Hadar, the protagonist of the evening. A singer-actress, who moves naturally in the role, and the stage, audience and mainly the music love her. The role fits her like a glove from the moment she enters the stage to the tragic ending. She has the acting capabilities and the vocal range – from the highest to the lowest, and was born for the part."

  • A Singer Who Acts
    Haggay Hitron

    Keren Hadar can do just about anything with her voice - rock, pop, opera - and has wowed both Daniel Barenboim and a third of the population of China with her versatility. And she doesn't even practice every day."

  • Hanoch Levin - Songs
    Michael Handelzalts

    ... The soprano and radiating stage personality of Keren Hadar.  Hadar – with her brilliant voice and stage temperament – conquers the stage and the audience..."

  • concert with Tel-Aviv Soloists Ensemble
    Omer Shomroni

    Soprano Keren Hadar performed the work magnificently, collaborating perfectly with horn player Alon Reuven."

  • concert with Zubin Mehta & Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
    Ora Binur

    Standing ovation ended the season's final concert. The conservative Israeli audience stood on its feet to cheer for two Israeli composers and thank them for their extraordinary pieces.

    "Night's End Anthem" by Ella Milch-Sheriff to texts by Roy "Chiki" Arad and Nathan Alterman, starts with the energetic rhythms which is so characteristic of the city of Tel-Aviv: A cheerful, vivid fanfare. The music develops with beautiful cantilena parts for choir and also with the two extraordinary singers, Keren Hadar and Einat Aronstein."

  • concert with Zubin Mehta & Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
    Danny Bloch
    2nd Channel, Israeli Radio

    Ella Milch-Sheriff's composition "Night's End Anthem" dedicated to Tel-Aviv to texts by Roy "Chiki" Arad and Nathan Alterman is a beautiful and fascinating work which combines well the orchestra with the Children's chorus (Bat-Kol), the two excellent sopranos (Keren Hadar and Einat Aronstein) together with the Darbuka players. We were left at the end with the "taste for more".

  • concert with the Israel Camerata Jerusalem
    Danny Bloch
    2nd Channel, Israeli Radio

    The program, conducted by Rafi Kadishson, opened with the classic Bach with wonderful soprano Keren Hadar…later on we heard Nonsense song cycle by Lewis Carroll, with the excellent translation of Rina Litvin and Keren Hadar's singing, who expressed with great talent the combination of the sharp text and Kadishson's music."